Ahh, the wonders of Twitter

Twitter is great. It really is. I mean, half of the things that go on in my mind go on Twitter. Before Twitter (B.T.), any instant revelations or spontaneous questions that I had would immediately vanish, and even if I made a note to remember them, there just was no real way to keep track of them. But now I just tap my phone’s screen and voila: my digital diary, Twitter. Dare I say it’s better than Facebook?

Today, as finals gain momentum and as students’s brains no longer function properly, a class made a collective effort to do well on their final exam on Saturday. Through Twitter, professor included.

That class is Lehigh University’s Media and Society course, or #COMM100. This was the plan:

@JeremyLittau OK, #COMM100. Will give out hint on EC exam question if you can make it go viral. Need twreplies by tomorrow AM. Yes I have a target number.

A viral campaign was unleashed. Students who already had Twitter made some calls, perhaps sent a few Facebook messages or texts, and slowly, but steadily, others joined the 140-character craze. It was magical.

I applaud Littau for engaging his students in an atypical way, and I congratulate the students for letting Twitter become an educational tool. Twitter is another way you can continue the conversation outside the classroom.

Update: Professor Littau wrote a great piece about this whole campaign. He’d like to be called Littau, Lord of Twitter. I prefer Twittau. Short and tweet.


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