Cinco de Mayo

Real tacos

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I will be sharing with you my ultra top-secret taco recipe. These are authentic in flavor–though maybe not necessarily in ingredients. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. But believe me, as someone who has eaten real tacos all of her life, these are just as good as tacos back home. And if you don’t like them, then you don’t like Mexico.

You will need:

  1. Corn tortillas (quantity–that depends. If you want to eat 3 tacos, then you need 3 tortillas. If you want to eat 7, then you  need 7 tortillas. Are you catching on?) La Banderita Corn Tortillas are ones I like to buy in the U.S. Wegmans carries them.
  2. Skirt steak. You can try to find fajita, but whatever you do, don’t buy ground meat. Leave that to Taco Bell. (Ground meat is used in Mexico, but we use it for something called Picadillo…) Anyway, here’s the skirt steak I get. They sell them in strips at Wegmans. Use 1-2 packages for 1-3 people.
  3. Avocados. Lots and lots of avocados.
  4.  1 white onion
  5. Cheese. Now, this is what I mean by non-authentic ingredients, mainly because some ingredients are not sold in the U.S./ not where I live. I use the Mexican cheese from Kraft or Sargento. Have in handy one 8 oz bag. You will probably use half of it.
  6. A wedge of lime. Not lemon, but lime.
  7. Seasoning
  8. Salsa! I like Herdez Salsa Verde. You can get it at Target.
Ok, we’re ready to start the fiesta!

-First, season the meat. I usually use some salt and pepper and maybe a little bit of season-all. The skirt steak is flavorful enough.

-Slice up the onion and begin to cook the slices in the pan/grill you you’ll be using for the meat. You can add a bit of canola/vegetable oil if you want. Cook at medium/medium high.

-Add the strip(s) of meat to the pan/grill.  Leave it there until you think it’s cooked to your liking. Then, cut up the strip of meat into bite-size chunks. The smaller the better.

-When the meat’s all done, leave the temp at low. Now, focus on the tortillas. Heat up a flat pan/griddle or a comal, as we like to call it, at low-medium temp.

-Here’s the “tricky” part. Whenever I make these tacos, I don’t make all of the tortillas at once. Why? Because tacos get cold and nobody likes a cold taco. So, I heat up the tortillas as I eat. So, if you’re eating alone, heat up 1. If you have guests, heat up as many as you need.

-While the tortilla is warm on the pan, add some of the cheese so it can melt. Once it’s melted, put some meat and sliced avocado on the tortilla. Then squeeze the lime wedge and douse some salsa and Listo, Calixto! (that’s the Mexican version of Ready, Freddy.)

Buen provecho!

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One thought on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. What a great recipe. Thanks, Liz. When I lived in Mexico City, I was in Polanco, which is near Chapultepec Park. There’s an upscale shopping area there and I used to eat all the time at a little open-front shop that made “tacos al carbon.” You could get different kinds of meat … I liked the chuleta … which I think was pork rib. They cooked it on a grill, chopped it up and put it on a corn tortilla. We had it with grilled cebollos (sp), which are small onions on the stalk, bigger than green onions. These were sprayed with oil and cooked till they were slightly blackened on the grill. My mouth is watering at the memory . … a little salt and some lime. There were three sauces … red, green and “salsa Mexicana,” which was like a fresh salsa here. All were picante. Can’t wait to try your recipe!

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