Today, as some of you folks on Twitter saw, I picked up a few photos I had ordered from CVS. One of you called me old school. =) And, you know what, I am really old school when it comes to certain things.

The past few weeks I’ve been home I’ve pored over all of our family photos. I examine each one closely, consider the main objects/people and then scrutinize the background. I want to know everything about that moment, whether it’s the context or the country. If this could be a professional job, I would do it. You really have no idea how much I like looking at pictures. Old, new, conspicuously embarrassing.

Oh, boy. Just this week I’ve had to witness some of my pre, during, and post-pubescent pictures. Wow. I look terrible. I mean in all honesty I was hideous. Not that I’m any better now. But damn.  I feel bad for the people that had to interact with me on a daily basis. My body and face just didn’t make sense. Some features, like my nose, were ten times bigger than my face and neck combined. Then my hair. Oh my hair. Nothing worked, and those baby hairs that framed my face became obstinate adult hairs. And BRACES! It looked like I had a snout for the year and a half I wore them back in 7th grade. No wonder I had such a low self-esteem, but that’s a topic for a later post.

Nonetheless, I had a great, fulfilling time looking at them and making fun of my 8-to 18-year-old self. It was self-deprecation at its finest.

Knowing that I’m not photogenic at all, I prefer to be behind the camera, and usually I am. I sometimes forget to come out in pictures during family trips because I’m so absorbed in my role as the unofficial photographer for the Martinez clan. And just like that, a hobby was born.

There’s just something about taking pictures that excites me. It’s like writing a story–you give it an angle and you try to expose something. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

I wish I could take a photography class, but I never have time and I don’t know where/if they offer them around here. If any of you have tips (Matt Breitel, that means you), feel free to throw them my way!

Here’s a slideshow of some of my terribly amateur photography:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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