Le non-dit

Many things happened today, some of which I hope I can tell you about sooner than later.

But for now I can’t talk about them. Actually, this post will be a short list of things I cannot tell you for myriad reasons. Following Michael Ojo’s example, I will list these things (otherwise, you and I both will be confused).

1. I had a sad revelation today while talking to a couple of my friends, one that I had wanted to avoid for as long as possible. It involves our group dynamic and a power shift.

2. The situation in my hometown is worse than I thought. Heard some harrowing stories today. I’d love to go into detail but I just can’t for these people’s safety.

3.  Soon, I may be out of my parents’ basement. Just exactly where I’m going to is the question du jour.

4. My mom and I decided that when it comes to marriage/relationships, “Whatever Works,” a la Woody Allen.

C’est tout, folks!



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