I called my dad at work today to tell him the good news.

“I’m moving to D.C.”

He congratulated me, told me he was proud of me, and then asked when I was leaving.

“In about a week or two.”

He struggled to tell me that he was just getting used to having me home again for an extended period of time after four years in Pennsylvania, with summers in Dallas and Paris.

“Don’t be sad. It’s not forever.”

But I know he’s slightly heartbroken as he was when he dropped me off at Lehigh. He fought with me about some budget issues that have nothing to do with me. He won’t even talk to me, which I find weird because as I’m about to leave he’s consciously avoiding my company.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

I felt like crying, and I can still feel it, only it’s a knot in my throat.



2 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. It’s OK for him to grieve a little bit. His girl is growing up. Try not to take it personally because it would be a lot harder if he was nonchalant about you leaving. This is sort of a rite of passage.

    But I’m so excited about your new adventure. When can you tell the world what you’ll be doing?

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