Mixed messages

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Last night, on my way to pick up some tacos, I discovered these messages all over my hometown and decided to document them today.

I have never seen any of them. Maybe because they’re new, or maybe because I wasn’t paying attention, but they had escaped my eye for the past month. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, “paz” means peace. In the other two pictures, you’ll read “El mundo se acabo” or, the world has ended, and “se vende Mexico,” or “Mexico for sale.” Below the latter is the name of one of the richest men in Mexico and the world, Carlos Slim. He owns much of Mexico, hence the message.

How would you interpret them, in context and together? Or simply how do they make you feel? Tell me.



2 thoughts on “Mixed messages

  1. Some powerful imagery there – shows how much street art/graffiti can express and say a lot, especially that message about Carlos Slim. Definitely a rebuke of capitalism/the extreme social stratification that exists in Mexico

  2. I see the ❤ Paz tags as a cry for help. Almost as if the artist is asking everyone who passes by to stop and think before continuing to carry on with their nefarious deed.

    The "World Has Ended" and "Mexico For Sale" signs, combined with just how depressed the area looks say a lot too. It's as if the artists have lost all hope.

    It's no wonder Mexican citizens are going to extreme measures to flee from areas like that. I can't imagine living in a constant state of war.

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