Today, I’m just the messenger

I’m incredibly overwhelmed with thoughts about a number of topics and now I don’t know what to write about. I’d even planned out one post, but I’m just lacking motivation (and it’s one of those you-have-to-feel-it-in-the-moment type of posts, if not, there’s just no point in writing.)

So, instead of me doing the talking, I will leave you with two messages from two drastically different people–one from Yemen (or at least based there), one from Mexico.

I wish I were the one to have said what you’re about to read or listen to, as many do when in awe of powerful and truthful words and actions. But, I realize that if I try to explain their messages in my words, I will be doing a disservice to you and I will not do them, the writer and orator, justice, and so I leave you this:

From Raja Althaibani, retweeted by Andy Carvin :

Ive heard a lot of jokes about Saleh’s appearance tonight: “he looks crispy” “next time we’ll ask that he’s not medium rare but well done” “looks like he came from a jersey shore audition”.. these all are funny. But I can’t help but feel uncomfortable while reading them. We shouldn’t celebrate moments like this. It is unfortunate and a travesty that turning to violence has become the answer for us. No matter who they are or what they’ve done. Violence should not offer relief. What we are fighting for is justice. And the truly just understand that true justice is achieved in the face of violence and in the face of retribution.When u are offered the choice to avenge and u refuse it, for the sake of peace and justice. To truly reject this as a solution. To be convinced it isnt the solution. If we can set aside our desire of vengeance, we will truly understand what it means to be peaceful. Being peaceful is when even in the face of your enemy, you don’t wish them harm. Peace is where violence and pain are no surrogate for grief. Peace is consistent and should never falter. I pity president Saleh, and I hope this experience will help him empathize for those who have faced his violent repression. I would have rather he found empathy under less brutal circumstances.

From Emiliano Salinas:

After reading and listening to this man and woman, what are your thoughts on violence?



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