Thoughts lurking in my head today:

1. Did I ever believe in their mission? Maybe yes, but not the organization. I didn’t feel at ease with their propaganda in the end.

2. Rifle sightings today: 3

3. This is Facebook on steroids.

4. Did he really just say that companies are not employing people because the execs are waiting for Obama to leave the White House?

5. What would I do without my mom’s tiramisu?

6. Ugh, I’ll miss my mom’s cooking.

7. Am I supposed to use all of these three social networks at the same time? Kind of a pain.

8. Lentes!

9. I really admire how well she takes care of her mom.

10. Why aren’t their handles popping up? Maybe they blocked me.

11. Thanks, Dad, for ruining the ending to “The Old Man and the Sea. ”

12. I didn’t know he worked there.

13. I hope they don’t misunderstand my LUsers circle. Can they even see how I label my circles?

14. Que es esto?

15. How did he think my name was spelled Liss? Has he never heard of the name Liz?



One thought on “Fifteen

  1. 4. I highly doubt that’s the case for most company executives

    7. Fatigue will end up with people leaving one of the two social networking sites behind. I don’t see Twitter going away because it’s “different” than Facebook and Google+

    10. A lot of people have their searching disabled, that and Google+ is still new, so people are figuring out how to use it. It’s not you, it’s them.

    13. They can see you put them in a circle, but they don’t know which one or how many they’re in.

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