Evidence Of My Employment

HuffPost Originals

The Killing of Pedro Villanueva
Check out the full video.
Ramsey Orta: The Man Who Filmed The Killing of Eric Garner
Kids Poisoned By Lead In NYC


Muslim Students Open Up About Their Fears Of A Trump Presidency

Urban Farm In Philadelphia

The Mexican Restaurant In Philly Fighting For Undocumented Workers’ Rights

How A Former Gang Member Is Working To Help End Violence
From Bar To Safe Haven
Cuban Artist ‘El Sexto’ Advocates Regime Change Through Street Art

Meet Cuban Music Artist Danay Suarez


What Does It Mean To Have An Undocumented Mother?



Terms Every Latino, Hispanic & Latinx Want You To Know




HuffPost Live

A few segments I’ve produced:

Best of Free Speech Zone in 2015: Alyona Minkovski takes a look back at some of the biggest stories covered on #FreeSpeechZone in 2015 — including police brutality, criminal justice reform and government accountability.
Segment nominated for a 2016 GLAAD media award
Trans Inmate Ashley Diamond Released From PrisonTransgender inmate Ashley Diamond is out of prison after suing the Georgia Department of Corrections for multiple sexual assaults and for being denied hormone treatment. Diamond and her lawyer join HuffPost Live to share her story.
Victims Speak: Ending Mass Shootings: Oak Creek. Newtown. Virginia Tech. Fort Hood — and those are just a few of them. Mass shootings have rocked the U.S. recently, and HuffPost Live hears from people who were there, and those who have lost others to the inexplicable tragedies.
Free Speech Zone with @AlyonaMink: HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski looks at the week in political activism, including a preview of the rally against mass surveillance with Gov. Gary Johnson. Also, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez joins to discuss the California prisoner hunger strikes.
One Prisoner’s Trip To ‘Little Gitmo’: HuffPost Reporter Matt Sledge takes us through one prisoner’s trip to the Communication Management Unit, where prisoners are held under tight restrictions. Inmates call it “Little Guantanamo.”


Redeploying Soldiers With PTSDAfter 12 years of combat in Afghanistan, mental health resources have become more accessible for soldiers with PTSD. Except these soldiers aren’t recovering at home, they’re getting the necessary treatment while deployed in dangerous war zones.


Syria ER: As war rages on in Syria, a group of American doctors travels to the country to provide desperately needed medical aid and supplies in field hospitals.

Al Jazeera English: The Stream

Videos for #OccupyWallStreet on September 17, 2011. I did this on my own, as an intern, because nobody believed it would become “a thing.”


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